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Said Hamood Creates Success

Said Hamood is the founder and owner of SH Marketing LLC. After immersing himself in a nationally recognized internet marketing academy and realizing the power of the internet, Said began his online journey starting in 2016. Having strong ties the small business with over 12 year of small business experience working with his family, Said knew marketing and advertising via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google was going to be the wave of the future. In 2018 after parting ways from his full-time B2B sales career selling leadership development programs, Said began his own digital marketing agency, Docal Marketing.

"You are amazing. You were born to do what you are doing now!"

Dr. Nadia Aboulhosn

"...Last thing I was going to do is trust another social media expert. I had no choice. I decided to go for it one more time. SAID is my Social Media hero. Communication was on point. Everything he promised was delivered and more. Never overcharge me..."

Josh Nissan

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Bitcoin Guide

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My Resources

How I build my email and lead capture pages.
This is where I edit all my videos.
Training curriculum that taught me how to build my social media marketing agency.
A free automation software
A free professional video editing software
Hosting and domains
An online form builder
An elite internet training academy focused on affiliate marketing
A free online logo and thumbnail design studio

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